How was your day?

Don’t you just love that question?  My beloved husband and I say it every evening to each other, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just don’t have an answer for it.

I didn’t realise until I was talking to my Sister-In-Law on the phone the other night, just what the perception of my day might be like.  My lovely SIL is a working woman, who has chosen her career over kids and family (I respect her decision, and believe me there is no judgement here for the choices each individual makes), and she was mentioning how nice it would be to be like me and have some “time off”, where “you don’t have to do anything”.

So this was my morning of taking it easy ……

As a general rule, I spend my mornings stitching or digitising.  However this morning not only was I test stitching a new design, I was also photographing a set of designs that I have just put up on the site, the FaceOff collection of gorgeous animal faces, catching up on a tv show that I missed, and creating a tutorial on making the gorgeous handwarmers that you can see in the photo.

Lunch time for me is all about getting ahead.  I am happy to say that one of my guilty pleasures is Dr Phil, and generally I watch Dr Phil as I prep for dinner that evening (here we are having thai red chicken curry for dinner, and I am also prepping roast pumpkin soup for the next day), and get chores like laundry put away.


After lunch I get time to get my posting out ready for the daily trip to the post office, and pick up whatever I may have forgotten at the shops, before it is home to greet the kids from school.

After school time for me is all about family, however as the kids are growing up, I am finding that I also manage to sneak in some work time here as well.

I found carrying my phone around for the day, and documenting my day remarkable, because I found I did much more than I thought I did.  Makes sense now why I am tired at the end of the day.

I truly don’t believe that I am any more “busy” “stressed” or “important” than any other person on the planet.  I look at some people out there and truly wonder how they do it.  By the other token, I am proud that I work full time in my own business (as well as part time as a contract trainer), and I realise that as humans we look at people and wish we could have it “easy” like them.  Just remember that easy ain’t always easy.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.


Saving a crumpled mess of stabiliser

This post will either resonate with many, or I will totally shame myself.

I can tend to be on the messy side.  I get passionate about what I am doing, and forget everything else whilst I work on one thing.

This week I am playing with some beautiful tatted lace snowflakes, which naturally means plenty of wash away stabiliser.  The only issue I have is that I have a few meters of stabiliser that is perfectly fine, but is in a terribly crumpled mess.


Now it is totally usable in this condition, however it is difficult to hoop, and has been sitting in my stabiliser holder like this for a year or so because I didn’t want to deal with it.

So, I have ironed it, and you can iron your wash-away stabiliser as well, with just two simple tricks.

Trick 1 – Lowest possible setting.

minimum setting

Turn your iron down to the lowest possible setting, you should almost be able to touch the plate of the iron.

Trick 2 – NO STEAM.

no steam

Remember that steam is water.  If you let steam on your stabiliser, it will begin to disintegrate.  Either use a non steam iron, or turn the steam off and make sure any excess steam is released before you press your stabiliser.

By using these two small tips, you stabiliser can be ironed, and will remain easy to use for years to come.


Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie


Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair

I had the best time down in Melbourne last week, with the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair.  We took our entire Stitch-a-ma-jigs range down to the people of Melbourne, and had so much fun.


As well as showing off our range of embroidery designs, we were happy to bring tools such as the de-nester blade and the precision oiler which were really popular.


I believe every stitcher in Melbourne now own a Scissor Holder, and we were happy to preview the new range of  usb sticks that I will be brining you next week.


Everyone loves a little bling, and we offered keyrings, scissor/phone charms and book marks with sewing and knitting charms on them.


I was blessed to have the help of my friend Lyn, as well as Su, Gay and Liz throughout the 4 day event.

A very buys two months

Do you ever just wonder where time goes to?

I looked at my blog this week, and realised it has been 2 months since I posted.  However the reasons for that are quite important.

I had surgery!  I was lucky enough to be pushed up the list for the thyroid surgery that I required.   I cannot say enough nice things about the staff and their teams at Canberra Calvary Hospital.  They were just amazing.  The surgery went perfectly, however the timing was horrible, with many things on at the same time.

Whilst I was at the hospital, I saw this amazing metal trolley, if there was a way to pack this up into my bag I may have been tempted.  What a great embroidery table/storage system this would make.



Wouldn’t this make an amazing storage unit/stand for your embroidery machine!


In the week after my surgery, my beautiful kids were in their school play.  Grace, my middle daughter  took on the part of Nan (Peter Pan’s Dog).  We had the joy of having my parents come down see the kids in this play, as well as their Aunt from Melbourne.

We then moved onto School Holidays, where my wonderful sister took my children for a couple of days, and then my beautiful kids took care of their mum.

Throughout all of this, I have been digitising away, and getting ready for the Melbourne Quilt Fair that I took part in two weeks ago (pics tomorrow).

Next time, I will have news on some new collections for you.  Until then, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.