Titanium Needles – to be or not to be

What are Titanium Needles

A lot has been said recently in different blogs, about the new range of Titanium strength needles.  These needles are significantly stronger than other needles, whilst maintaining elasticity.  This reduces needle breakage, bending and distortion.  Titanium needles are more wear resistant than standard chromium plates needles, with testing showing that they last more than 5 times longer than regular needles.

When I first heard of the titanium needles, I had some misgivings.  My concerns were what would happen when a something happened to the thread that would normally cause the needle to break.  If the needle doesn’t break, will this hurt the needle plate?  My other concern is that Titanium needles are more expensive than regular needles, are they really going to last longer?

My personal experience with Titanium Needles

I am 3 months into my experiment with Titanium needles, and I am happy to share my experiences with you.

So far I have stitched for 160 hours using only 1 Titanium needle

I have found that there is less breakage with my lower quality threads (less breakage means less time re-threading, and more time stitching)

On the one occasion when I have had a knot in the thread, where normally a needle would break, the thread instead broke, allowing me to trim away the excess, and then simply re-thread.

In conclusion

All in all, from my personal experience, I would fully recommend Titanium Needles.  I appreciate the quality of these needles so much, that I am now stocking them for you to purchase.  Click here to pick up your needles today.


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