Thread Storage????

I had an interesting e-mail this week from a company promoting a book on Sewing Room Organisation.  I love the concept (as anyone who knows me knows I am a messy stitcher), however one thing really stood out at me.  On all of their advertising materials  – the pictures are show a wonderful well lit room, with the threads on the wall.

Everything I have ever been told is to keep your threads out of sunlight!!!  I keep mine in plastic storage cupboards, which are shut unless you are selecting a thread, so they do not get damp or sunlight exposure.

Share with me how you keep your threads…….



  1. Pat Laird says:

    Hi Julie, I agree with you, everything I have read says to store threads out of the light and dust and after all which is the most dusty room in the house!!! I store my 1000 meter threads in a purpose built set of draws that my husband made for me, the 5000 meter cones I have in plastic draws and like you they are never opened unless I am selecting a colour.
    Pat Laird

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