Stitching on Neoprene – Blank Expressions

Hello everyone – I hope you are all having a great weekend.  I have been busy this weekend, uploading a new set of products to my site.  If you are anything like me, you love the act of embroidery, put putting things together not so much…..   I have been working over the past few months to procure items that we can use for embroidery, at great prices, and I am happy to bring the first to you – with 3 sets of Neoprene cases.

You can use these cases for electrical devices, pencil cases, makeup cases, or toy cases – I use one to keep my rotary cutter and scissors in whilst I travel.

Stitching on Neoprene is simple, it is really just normal stitching, with tear away on the back.

In this first example, I have used the medium sized case, stitched an applique circle, and then monogramed my initials in the centre.  I used a 3mm applique stitch to give a nice dense stitching around the edge.

In this second example, I have embroidered my darling hubby’s name onto the largest case, leaving the rest of the case plain.  I like the plain cases for men/boys, and this one is perfect to take his laptop to work in.

For my third example, I am using the small case, which is great for my sewing accessories.  I have simply used the lettering included in my machine, and stitching my name.


Productive People

whilst I am still sitting around feeling sorry for myself and my flu, others, such as my friend Amy Pereira has been working hard.  Amy did my class down in Melbourne last week learning how to make the snap bags – purchased the Dress like a Princess and Deco Diva designs, and has sent me pics of her wonderful work.  She has made snap bags with the Princess dresses on them, a beautiful bag with the Divas, and a fantastic version of the notebook cover using the Antique Roses designs.

amy pereira1 ap1 ap2 ap3 ap4 ap5

Towels as Gifts

Good morning all I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, full of lots of stitching.

I have just finished a beautiful set of towels for my wonderful mum-in-law.  Jean is part of a craft group that are raising money for a young girl with cerebral palsy.  At Christmas, Jean and I purchased a set of towels from Costco.  I wanted something fresh and bright, and thought the Denim Delight collection would be a perfect addition.  Jeans group will be raffling these towels off within their local community.



I love work – i could watch people do it all day…..

It is school holidays here, so the children and I have left my wonderful hubby alone for a week, and come down to Melbourne.  We all arrived with the flu, and have been attempting to recover for the past week and a half.

I was lucky enough to spend one week with my wonderful friend Lyn.  She was very understanding when I was throwing up the night I arrived, and kept me warm and fed all week.

I on the other hand, spent my week snuffling and coughing on the couch, instructing her to work.  During my week there, Lyn managed to complete a set of the Deco Diva designs, 4 gorgeous embroidered neoprene cases (which I will be selling the blanks for next week), and Lyn and our other friend Maureen completed 8 dress like a princess t-shirts between them.

DSCF0379 DSCF0378 DSCF0376 DSCF0383 DSCF0381 DSCF0384

I was also lucky enough to get to teach the snap bag to a wonderful group of ladies, one of whom brought me her Floral Windows quilt completed.  I was quite sick, and cannot remember her name, but isn’t the quilt magnificent!!!

20140710_113943 20140710_114008 20140710_114018

Dress like a Princess – fabric bookshelf project

I am having a lovely time this weekend, working with my friend Crystal on different embroidery projects.  We really wanted to find a project that would highlight the wonderful Dress like a Princess Designs – and I think we have come up with a great one.

A fabric bookshelf.


This bookshelf is a simple loop of denim fabric, with the ends turned under, and mounted on a double curtain rail.  The double rail gives a space between the front and back of the shelf, perfect for keeping your books in.  I have placed mine outside the children’s room, perfect for me putting things in during the day, and they can pack away in the afternoon.

Dress like a Princess – New Embroidery Collection

Hello all.  I hope everyone is having a lovely time, whether they be on the lovely warm side of the hemisphere, or like me in the freezing cold part.   We have just begin school holidays down here, and I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful assistant this week.  Crystal is the daughter of a lovely friend of mine, 13, and received her first embroidery machine for Christmas.  She has been helping me doing test sewing, and today I am happy to bring to you a wonderful new collection, called Dress like a Princess.

Dress Like a Princess is a fantastic collection of 10 princess style designs, with applique, free flowing skirts.  I have made my skirts out of organza, for an extra floaty feel.

princess14 princess13 princess12 princess2 princess4 princess6 princess8 princess10 princess1 (2) princess

Now my daughters (like most I assume), are huge Disney fans, so when I offered to make them shirts, they chose the colours themselves……

emmashirt graceshirt

Naturally, I wouldn’t create a new collection without offering a freebie – so if you want to give the Dress Like a Princess collection a try, download the freebie design here.