My Year of Gifting Embroidery – Making the List

So far on my “year of gifting embroidery”, I have been planning and making my gifts as each occasion occurs.  However I looked at the month of May, and nearly had a heart attack.  5 Mothers Day Gifts, and 4 Birthdays all in one month.  This prompted me to make out my list for the entire year – Birthdays, Christmas and anniversary’s.

Microsoft Word - gift list by month  Microsoft Word - gift list by month

Now thankfully many of these gifts can be “double-ups”, where I give the same gift to multiple people, but it still startled me the number of gifts I have to make.  So my new plan is to get a few pressies done each week.

I urge you to join me, and get to work on knocking presents off your list.  Not only will you save money by making your gifts, but it is a wonderful sense of achievement when you can mark names off.

Have a great week, and look out for the wonderful sewing caddy coming as my mothers day gifts this week.





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